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New video detailing FIFA 15 Ultimate Team mode

EA Sports has eliminated the possibility of trading in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. The feature, which allowed users to bypass the auction and trade item between friends, has been scrapped in a bid to improve the safety of gameplay."Let's eliminate the supply of trade FIFA 15 Ultimate Team," says a new blog post from EA Sports. "Although some honest players use this feature to trade with friends, he became one of the methods used to sell and move coins. "Phishers abused the opt

FIFA 15 will include a new mode Streets

FIFA 15 walks decided to include the Street mode to get the game to include a title this way because it is one of the best as I know it goes.Delivery as filtered through the model Nintendo 3DS handheld console enjoy it and hopefully all versions of the game to be far less important to the moment of truth.FIFA 15 will be released on September 25th marks as expected, one of them is important, which pewter around the corner, EA Sports, who in turn openly mentioned FIFA launch a very different optio

PES 2015 vs FIFA 15 gameplays final duel

PlayStation Access Gateway has launched a comparative PES 2015 vs FIFA 15 so cool I had to share it with you. This is a video where its editors tested the two demos available and discuss what is the best. The title of the video I love: "FIFA 15 vs PES 2015: the challenge of the final gameplay". I could have written it without problems.Why precisely I recommend this video and not another? Because it is a long gameplay, showing many aspects of both games and also have two editors of the

FIFA 15 is suffering from chaos bug

"FIFA 15" is out in stores.But maybe the game is released too early - at least for computers.Numerous PC gamers complain namely over an astounding chaos bug that destroys all matches.Bugs are commonplace in "FIFA" games. But mostly it's about fun graphical bugs such as players merge, legs contorted and grass that suddenly rewarded with the same characteristics as quicksand.Then the strange chaos bug that affected many PC gamers with new "Fifa 15" significantly w

Analysis of the Mexican national team in FIFA 15

The Mexican team has speed ahead, but their defensive line a bit at odds with the rest of campus.The first two items on FIFA 15 where we collect the best players in the league and how Mx are placed Mexicans abroad, now give way to what is the Mexican national team in the EA Sports video game.El Tri has been reflected in the game level in the World Cup, with an acceptable team that could compete in tournaments within the simulator so strong; points higher weights, are definitely on the attack, bu

FIFA 15 compared to FIFA 14

Once again, FIFA is back. The next installment in the most successful football franchise returns to present videoconsolero panorama with a title for analysis FIFA have decided to compare 14 In this 'versus', FIFA 15 does not stand out too well for its conservatism and its little visual progress despite minor details in both differentiating playable. However, it is still just as fun as ever ... but crying will evolve.A good friend of mine tells me that is not normal deliveries annual spor
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